Equipping God's People (EGP): Began as new ministries in 2013 as an avenue to help people in local churches grow in their leadership skills of guiding their congregations to greater effectiveness in disciple making. Equipping God’s People (EGP) is developed around two modules, each module being 4 sessions.  


 The first Module offers Orientation, Our World Has Changed, Renovating Churches and Streamlining Your Church.  Two books are studied with this course:  “Renovate or Die” by Bob Farr and “Simple Church” by Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger.

 The Second Module covers Personal Leadership, Focusing Outward, Real Life Evangelism and Healthy Small Church.  Two books are read during this Module also, “The Externally Focused Church” by Rich Rusaw & Eric Swanson and “The Healthy Small Church” by Dennis Bickers.


This course is fee based to cover the cost of books and materials and is coordinated at the District Level through the Lay Servant Committee. Groups may be Clusters or District based and churches are encouraged to send teams of people (ideal teams are about 10% of the average worship attendance; however a church could send as few as one person). 

The groups will meet at a variety of times from weekend nights to Saturday or Sunday afternoon for three hours. Check with your District office or a neighboring District office to discover when and where these courses are being offered. In addition to helping to prepare leadership for churches the completed course (24 hours) will fulfill training requirements for Basic and Certified Lay Servant Ministers. Check out the video promo below.