What is the purpose of Discovering the Possibilities (MAPS)?

Discovering the Possibilities been designed as a tool to assist congregations in understanding the realities of their current ministry effectiveness and to discern possibilities for its future development. We believe that every congregation has the potential to be faithful and fruitful in ministry. Yet, the statistics are clear: this is not the case for many of our congregations. Discovering the Possibilities is a process designed to help congregations move toward fulfilling their potential by understanding where they are and seeing where they could be. Discovering the Possibilities assists church leaders examine the reality of their current ministries, within the context of their ministry context, and against the backdrop of every congregation’s mission to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Discovering the Possibilities is designed to be eye-opening.  It helps leaders see more clearly what’s going on in their congregation and in their surrounding community. It helps them begin to discern the possibilities for ministry Christ is calling them to make real. The final Discovering the Possibilities Report will also enable District and Conference leaders to determine what kind of assistance and support might be needed to help a congregation fulfill their Kingdom potential.

What kind of churches will benefit most from Discovering the Possibilities? 

Discovering the Possibilities is specifically designed for healthier congregations showing signs of decline in worship attendance, professions of faith and/or community engagement in ministry. We hope that Discovering the Possibilities might be a wakeup call rousting leaders from the slumber of status quo and into the awareness of the possibilities of ministry for which Christ has prepared for them. Discovering the Possibilities can become a decision point for congregational leaders: do we continue doing what has become comfortable for us, but which is no longer as effective as it once was or do we choose to step into the possibilities Christ is offering us for joining him in ministry?