The Matthew 28 Initiative is the Bishop and Cabinet of the Susquehanna Conference effort to help mid-sized congregations (from 75-200 in average weekly attendance) be faithful and effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.It is based on where a church is, and builds toward where we believe God wants for their preferred future. 

Eighty-Six (86) congregations have gone through this process since its inception in 2009!   Many of those congregations and the communities around them are experiencing the benefits of the initiative. Most have seen decline or plateau ended and numeric and spiritual growth beginning.

Matthew 28 works with both the pastor and the congregation in preparing them to look at their history and current ministries and providing 12 months of peer mentoring education for the pastor. The Matthew 28 consultation team comes along side the congregation for a weekend of meetings with the pastor, the leadership teams and those in the pews.  At the end of the weekend, the Consultant preaches the Sunday morning message and presents a report with “prescriptions” to be accomplished in order to grow their church.  The Congregation then spends the next month in prayer and “listening sessions”,  prior to a vote at a Special Church Conference to either accept the prescriptions or not.  If the vote is affirmative, the Coach comes along side the pastor and congregation for 12 to 18 months to encourage and support them in the process of fulfilling their prescriptions.

I would invite all pastors and congregations of this size church to consider being part of the M28 Initiative.

– Dennis L. Otto, Director Growing Effective Churches