People frequently ask how to help transformation begin in the congregation of which they are a part. Begin with prayer.  Pray about transformation, not about Aunt Tillie's bunions, the fight at the fire company, the election, the proverbial "unnamed" (if they are unnamed to us doesn't God know who they are?  And if God knows who they are why are we naming them.)  Oh well, it is good and biblical to pray for those in need, and that includes bunions, disagreements, national politics and even "unnamed" people I suppose, but those in need also include those in church whose faith has grown cold, stagnant or are simply not "growing up into Christ who is our head."  It also includes the many more people who live in our communities, work with us, go to school with our kids but do not know the life God intends for them.

So if you want to help foster transformation of a congregation, don't start with a new program, a change of structure, AND don't start with the needs of the congregation.  Begin gathering with others, 2 or 3 or 50 who have a passion for those who do not yet know Jesus as Lord and are not enjoying the abundant, eternal life he promised.  

By the way, the budget for this is manageable, it does not require a large church, young people, youth, a certain educational level or anything other than a deep love of Jesus and people. 

Seriously, almost everyone I have ever read who has lead a dynamic new church plant or a dramatic transformation of an existing congregation, names prayer as the first ingredient in the process.